Fantasy Gacha Carnival – August

Once again, Caverna Obscura is participating in the August round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring 2 outfits. There is no particular theme for this round, just general Fantasy. This time there are 2 Gacha machines from Caverna Obscura. All items are exclusive for this event and thus not previously available anywhere, and probably won’t be either, after the event closes. The opening date is August 12th, but the event is open the whole month, so don’t despair if you can’t get right in, and just try again a few days later. 😉

FGC Angelica Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Angelica Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Born in Paradise Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Born in Paradise Outfit by Caverna Obscura

The Angelica Outfit machine includes:
✿ 8 Common items: boots BROWN (rigged mesh, fitted mesh); bottom BROWN (fitted mesh, unrigged mesh – resizeable); bracelets BROWN (unrigged mesh – resizeable); bracelets WHITE; bracelets BLACK; sandals BROWN (unrigged mesh, fitted for Gaeline Flat Female Bare Feet, but you can edit them to fit any other feet); sandals WHITE; sandals BLACK.
✿ 2 Rare items: top BROWN (rigged mesh, one regular size, one fitted mesh size, unrigged mesh – resieable); skirt BROWN (rigged mesh, fitted mesh).
✿ 2 Ultra Rare items: top, bottom, skirt and boots WHITE; top, bottom, skirt, boots BLACK.

Gacha Angelica Items

Gacha Angelica Items

The Born in Paradise Outfit machine includes:
✿ 15 Common items: R Arm vines BLUE (rigged mesh, fitted mesh); R Arm vines PINK; R Arm vines YELLOW; L Arm vines BLUE (rigged mesh, fitted mesh); L Arm vines PINK; L Arm vines YELLOW; R Leg vines BLUE (fitted mesh, made to fit Gaeline Female Tip Toe Bare Feet, not sure if they fit any other feet); R Leg vines PINK; R Leg vines YELLOW; L Leg vines BLUE; L Leg vines PINK; L Leg vines YELLOW; wreath BLUE (unrigged mesh – resizeable); wreath PINK; wreath YELLOW.
✿ 3 Rare items: body vines BLUE; body vines PINK; body vines YELLOW. The vines are rigged mesh in one regular size and one fitted mesh size, chest and bottom flowers are rigged mesh, fitted mesh and unrigged mesh (resizeable).

Gacha Born in Paradise Outfit Items

Gacha Born in Paradise Outfit Items

All unrigged mesh items are copy / mod, so they can be resized and made to fit. All rigged mesh parts are no mod.

Please try DEMOs first!!!

Here are some closeups:

Born ib Paradise BLUE01 Born ib Paradise BLUE02 Born ib Paradise BLUE03 Born ib Paradise PINK01 Born ib Paradise PINK02 Born ib Paradise PINK03 Born ib Paradise PINK04 Born ib Paradise YELLOW01 Born ib Paradise YELLOW02 Born ib Paradise YELLOW03 Born ib Paradise YELLOW04 Born ib Paradise YELLOW05

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