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✿ Avatar items:

ღ old prim/sculpt/flexi attachments: MOD/COPY
ღ clothing layers: NO MOD/COPY
ღ mesh: before 2016 COPY/NO MOD; after 2016 COPY/MOD. Check the contents of the box, Marketplace listing or blog entry for the particular item.

✿ Skins, tattoos:


✿ Home & Garden items:



ღ Redelivery of undelivered or lost items (transaction number required). No trans items only! For the loss of no copy items, please submit a ticket to LL.
ღ Money back for double purchase (minus LL commission if bought on SL Marketplace; transaction number required). If item is no copy/trans, please send it back to me.
ღ Money back for DEMO bought on Marketplace.
ღ Free item upgrades (mesh body versions are NOT upgrades!)
ღ Free broken or lost parts replacement
ღ Additional clothing layers on request (for higher compatibility with other outfits and/or tattoos)
ღ Resize script and/or reference shape on request

These services are free of charge, although the tips are of course welcome 🙂


ღ Redelivery of items sent to the wrong recipient by SL Marketplace when bought as gift (please submit a ticket to LL)
ღ Replacement of items bought by mistake with the correct items. (I am not responsible for your mistakes!) The normal and petite version of the same item are NOT interchangeable! They will not be replaced.
ღ Custom fitting
ღ Personal fashion and/or styling advice
ღ Changing clothing layers’, tattoo layers’, skin layers’ permissions to “mod”
ღ Redesigning or modifying the design of existing item on request
ღ Additional colour variations on request, although you might of course suggest a certain color for a certain outfit
ღ Custom outfit/accessory/footwear creation, although suggestions and ideas are welcome.

10 Responses to “STORE POLICIES”

  1. I would very much like to have the Confessor outfit in dark blue with gold trim. I understand you don’t do custom orders, but only a suggestion. I’d be first in line. Thank you,

    • Thank you very much for your suggestion. There is a new release today, Dark Confessor outfit, which is the black leather variant of the Confessor Outfit. There has been many requests to do that one. So far i’m not sure yet if i will be making more colours of this outfit but i will keep your suggestion in mind 🙂

  2. What exactly do you mean by MOD/COPY? NO/MOD COPY? is it like a one of a kind or not one of a kind?

    • you do realize this is a virtual store of the virtual goods in Second Life? Every object in Second Life has permissions: mod (modifiable), copy (copyable), trans (transferable) that can be switched on/off if you are the original creator of the object. If any of these permissions is turned off, the next owner of the object will not be able to either modify, copy or transfer the object to somebody else. If the permissions are set mod/copy (like in our store policy), it means you will be able to modify the object to your liking, and to copy it as many time as you want.

  3. Hi. I’m new to Second Life and to the marketplace and recently bought one of your dresses. Either the delivery failed or I lost the item and wonder if you could help me with redelivery. Thanks in advance for extra time and effort on your part.

    The order info is as follows:
    Order number: 6085229
    Purchased using: L$ *************************
    Item: Authentic Viking Apron Gown by Caverna Obscura
    Quantity: 1Price: L$599

    Many thanks and good fortune!

    • i have looked up your order number and redelivered it. If you didn’t get it yet, just let me know. Next time you should better just send an IM in world to Elvina Ewing, that will go much faster 🙂

  4. Hello

    I bought an outfit off Market place for a friend that was suppose to be a gift but it went to me instead and it’s not transferable. Is there anyway you could send it to her? Her name is Gabrielle Wind. Here is a link to the outfit.

    Here are the Item ID and Order Numbers
    Item ID 11696539
    Order number. #6375001

    Let me know if you need any more info.

    Thank you,
    Mellie Melody

    • *sigh*… i think i will add a policy about that, but as it hasn’t been there yet i will make an exception for you this time. I have sent the outfit to Gabrielle, but this actually means you now also own a copy of this outfit yourself, as it’s no trans. In the future i won’t be helping out with deliveries sent to the wrong avatars. LL should take care of that.

  5. I love your items! I bought your Midnight Djinnie and then realized you had one with the jewelry and slippers as well. I paid for both, is it possible to get the funds for just the outfit refunded to me? Thanks!

    02/05/2011 18:39:15 58d2bff9 Destination: Elvina Ewing
    Object Sale
    Region: Alligator Bayou
    Description: Djinnie MIDNIGHT Complete Set by Caverna Obscura
    02/05/2011 18:33:43 af5857c3 Destination: Elvina Ewing
    Object Sale
    Region: Alligator Bayou
    Description: Djinnie MIDNIGHT Outfit Only by Caverna Obscura

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