About Caverna Obscura

Caverna Obscura is a fantasy fashion label in Second Life™ designed and created by Elvina Ewing in the summer of 2007. Caverna Obscura is The place to be if you are looking for Unique, Original and One of a kind Stylish female fantasy outfit, footwear or accessories for your Second Life avatar. For over 7 years of its existence Caverna Obscura has established a steady growing customer base and relatively recognizable brand name that became synonym for the originality and highest quality fantasy female apparel. The creator Elvina Ewing constantly evolves as a texture designer and 3D modeler so that Caverna Obscura’s newest items are of the highest quality possible and the old ones are occasionaly being upgraded with improved versions. Here you can find up to date information about new releases at Caverna Obscura, updates and more. Stay tuned! 😉

Shahrazad Promo - Elven Sorceress

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  1. This stuff looks amazing, I would like to find out where I can see it in person!!!

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