About Elvina Ewing

I have a degree of Media Technology (graduated in July 2008) – that probably explains a lot 🙂 Since July 2007 you can find me in Second Life™, too. Back then, I created an account because of my grad’s assignment… But then i got inspired… 🙂 As a 3D graphics and fantasy addictee, i found a place to combine them both: my love for fantasy / medieval / gothic / weird and virtual reality!… And now my own fantasy apparel shoppe in Second Life™ has been around for many years and has become my full time job! Who would have thought 🙂

Please visit my shoppe in-world and take a look at what’s become of it 🙂 A lot of things in my shoppe are made by me (not to mention the fantasy apparel items, of course!). Caverna Obscura is made possible by just one person, i have absolutely no associates to help me with customer service, promotion, marketing, management, store building. This is why i’m *extremely* busy taking care of all these things at once. But i’m certainly not a business woman, i am here to create things!

I do everything myself – design, sculptie and mesh creation, textures, in-world building, ad design! And i sure take great pride in my creations and it makes me happy when people can appreciate my work too! ^^

I guess this is all you need to know about me, in a nutshell. If you have any personal questions for me that are not covered in the FAQ section, feel free to contact me in world 😉

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