Ulfhildr Fur-lined Armor by Caverna Obcura

Hiding in the wilds of the Northern Lands are the elusive snow bears and snow wolves. It is said their fur can protect against the most frigid cold. Imagine beautiful light fur armor handmade from the North’s finest wolf hides, providing great warmth and practicality to fierce and fair northern women. Never before have I crafted such armor, and now here it is:

Ulfhildr Fur-lined Armor set ~BROWN~ by Caverna Obscura

Ulfhildr Fur-lined Armor set ~GREY~ by Caverna Obscura

Comes in 2 variations: brown leather with brownish fur, black leather with grey fur. Each set includes 29 items in total:

❆ Clothing layers (no mod/copy): fur jacket (jacket and undershirt layers); leather top (shirt and undershirt layers); stitched fur top (jacket, shirt and undershirt layers); leather pants; leather socks; gloves;
❆ Prim parts (copy/mod): 2x sculpted leather belt with fur lining and celtic knot decorations (embossed leather and plain);
❆ 2x sculpted leather pauldrons with fur lining (embossed leather and plain);
❆ 2x sculpted leather lower leg plates with fur lining (embossed leather and plain);
❆ sculpted fur bracers;
❆ flexi fur skirt with studded leather trim;
❆ sculpted short fur mantle;
❆ sculpted and flexi long fur cloak with hideable hanging hood;
❆ sculpted fur hood-up;
❆ sculpted fur jacket collar with celtic knot clasps;
❆ sculpted leather shoes.

The outfit top consists of 3 actual clothing layers: stitched fur shirt, leather top and fur jacket. Any of those come on several SL clothing layers, so this opens up lots of mix and match options! You can wear the same layers in different order, like f.ex the leather top underneath or on top of the fur jacket etc. Just be careful not to wear the same layer twice at the same time, as this creates a thicker shadow under the garments.

Please click on the thumbnails below for close-up pictures of many more mix and match options and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Friday, November 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ulfhildr Fur-lined Armor by Caverna Obcura”

  1. =/ Aww man, you have some pretty amazing clothes and armor sets and I was pretty excited until I realized they were for Second Life and not TES Oblivion…( I lost following links looking for new fur armor) . Awesome site anyway though. Keep up the good work! =)

  2. […] remember (or even own) one of the last armor sets i made in the “pre-mesh era”, called Ulfhildr. Although quite perfect as it is still, i figured it could benefit from some additional mesh items […]

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