Oak Silvana Outfit by Caverna Obscura

One of today’s new releases is a lovely leafy fae / faerie / elven / pixie outfit made of oak leaves and adorned with oak acorns. For Maitreya and Meshbody Classic mesh bodies only. Available in SUMMER and AUTUMN colours. Please try DEMO first!

Oak Silvana SUMMER MB

Oak Silvana *SUMMER* by Caverna Obscura

Oak Silvana AUTUMN MB

Oak Silvana *AUTUMN* by Caverna Obscura

In fact, it’s a remake of the old outfit in new mesh body sizes. So it is still also available for Classic SL ava (rigged and unrigged version included!) and for Petite micro mesh ava!

✿ rigged fitted mesh: Leafy Top; Leafy Skirt; Leafy Thong; L Upper Arm Cuff – Maitreya, Meshbody Classic – copy / mod.
✿ unrigged mesh (edit to fit) – Arm Cuff; – copy / mod.
✿ glitch undies appliers for Maitreya (glitch bra; glitch thong) – copy / no mod.
✿ clothing layers Glitch bra; Glitch thong – copy / no mod.

But wait, there is more! A mesh update of the existing scupted prim Oak Wreath to complete your summer / autumn fairy look!

~ by cavernaobscura on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

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