Moonlight Melody for mesh bodies

Today’s new release at Caverna Obscura is the mesh bodies version of the old favourite – Moonlight Melody outfit.
Mysterious flowers blossom in the moonlight as the Sisters of the Moon are dancing to a nocturnal melody. Their gossamer silks flow in the glow of the full moon as they swirl and sway under the stars…

Moonlight Melody *LOVE* by Caverna Obscura

Moonlight Melody *PEARL* by Caverna Obscura

Moonlight Melody *TWILIGHT* by Caverna Obscura

For mesh bodies Maitreya, SLINK Physique and Belleza Freya. Please try DEMO first! This outfit is still also available for Standard SL avatars. Please choose carefully and don’t buy a wrong version by mistake!

This gorgeous outfit by Caverna Obscura is available in Black, White and Red. All flowers are scripted to change color/texture with the HUD. You can choose from 6 colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow, pink. Perfect for different occasions and moods! Compatible with Eden Arm & Leg Vines by Caverna Obscura.

Various skirt styles can be created by combining several different skirts attachments: skimpy or full, more drapes around hips or none at all.

This set includes:
✿ fitted mesh top with colour-changeable flowers;
✿ fitted mesh skirt layers A, B, C that can be worn separately or in combination.
✿ fitted mesh full skirt (all 3 layers linked together);
✿ fitted mesh colour-changeable chest flowers;
✿ fitted mesh colour-changeable waist flowers;
✿ 2x fitted mesh sleeves (sheer and opaque);
✿ HUD to change flower textures (no mod).

Everything is copy/mod (except the HUD). Matching headpiece shown in the pictures is NOT included.

Please check out all the pictures for more great details!

~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

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