Flower Wreaths

Spring is in full bloom so i figured it’s a great moment to upgrade some older sculpted flower wreaths to a mesh version! Needless to say, they are a perfect compliment to the matching Caverna Obscura outfits like Daisy Dress, Odilia Gown, Rose of Eden, Roselyn, Wisteria Wind and others.

Daisy Wreath by Caverna Obscura

Pansy Wreath by Caverna Obscura

Roses Wreath by Caverna Obscura

Wisteria Wreath by Caverna Obscura

Unrigged mesh, copy / mod + resizing script, each comes with a HUD to change textures (Daisy: 14 petal colours, 3 buds colours; Pansy: 4 colours; Roses: 10 colours; Wisteria: 6 colours). Works for mesh heads and classic avas, but do try demo first to check if it works for you!

~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

2 Responses to “Flower Wreaths”

  1. […] Perfect for different occasions and moods! Compatible with Daisy Leg Vines, Daisy Ribbons and Daisy Wreath by Caverna Obscura. Please note that matching Daisy Wreath and arm ribbons shown in the pictures […]

  2. […] are also matching Leg Vines and Wreath available. All these Daisy vines are complementary to Camilla Outfit, Daisy Dress and Odilia Gown […]

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