Mr. Pumpkinton rigged mesh avatar

Today’s new release is a collaboration project of Mesh Craft and Caverna Obscura. Mesh and textures were done by lachannCraft of Mesh Craft, rigging and logistics were done by Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura.

Mr. Pumpkinton is a cute little rigged mesh avatar for Halloween or just for fun! 😉 Once only a mere pumpkin amongst a pumpkin patch in a forest, he got caught within the spells of a witches coven, now destined to roam the forest for eternity.

Mr Pumpkinton mesh avatar by Caverna Obscura

Mr. Pumpkinton is appr. 0.7 times the size of the normal SL avatar, which is about 1.4 m or 140 cm. Try DEMO first to check if it works with your AO.

✿ IMPORTANT! Wear Mr. Pumpkinton avatar by Caverna Obscura with the shape included with the package! Wearing it with some other shape can significantly distort the mesh and make it look differently than it’s supposed to look.

✿ rigged mesh avatar body;
✿ rigged mesh eyes;
✿ rigged mesh leafy cape;
✿ rigged mesh leafy pauldrons;
✿ shape; alpha.

Check out all the pictures for more amazing details!

Please visit Mesh Craft for high quality full perm furniture, buildings and decor!

~ by cavernaobscura on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

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