Fairy Queen Gowns by Caverna Obscura

Today’s new release at Caverna Obscura are two lovely fae / faerie / elven / pixie gowns decorated with pretty flowers. For various mesh bodies (see description below). Please try DEMO first!

Caelia Gown by Caverna Obscura

Odilia Gown by Caverna Obscura

Contents of Caelia Gown set:
✿ fitted mesh gown for mesh bodies:
SLINK Physique and Hourglass;
Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya;
Tonic Fine and Curvy;
E Body;
JOMO Werewolf and Fox;
✿ fitted mesh hip flowers (one size, fits most bodies);
✿ fitted mesh chest flowers (2 sizes, fits most bodies);
✿ unrigged mesh hip & chest & hair flowers – resize to fit (if the fitted mesh versions don’t fit);
✿ flexi wings;
✿ HUD to change textures (9 colours gown, 7 colours wings, 6 colours flowers).

Contents of Odilia Gown set:
✿ fitted mesh gown for mesh bodies:
SLINK Physique;
Belleza Venus, Isis;
Tonic Fine and Curvy;
✿ fitted mesh hip flowers (Maitreya & SLINK only!);
✿ fitted mesh chest flowers (Maitreya & SLINK only!);
✿ HUDs to change textures (8 colours gown, 8 colours wings, 14 colours daisy).

Everything is copy / mod, except the HUDs which are no mod.

Please note: the daisies attachments are fitted for Maitreya & SLINK only, they might not fit all other gowns!! Please try DEMO first to ensure you are happy with the way it looks on you!

~ by cavernaobscura on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

2 Responses to “Fairy Queen Gowns by Caverna Obscura”

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