Fantasy Gacha Carnival – May 2018

Yes, you read it right: Caverna Obscura is back at Fantasy Gacha Carnival! The May round of FGC is now open! Make sure you have the new landmark!

Caverna Obscura presents 2 outfits this time. Some of you might remember, or even own, one of the recent releases called Rose of Eden and Roselyn. So this time it’s a variation of these outfits, so besides the fact that they come now in new colours there are also additional parts that are not in the original Rose of Eden and Roselyn outfits (arm and leg parts, sleeves, shoes).

The event is open the whole month, so don’t despair if you can’t get right in, and just try again a few days later. Don’t forget to try DEMO first, you can also get it on Marketplace here and here.

GACHA Rose of Eden RARES


GACHA Rosalynn by Caverna Obscura

GACHA Rosalynn by Caverna Obscura

Cost to play 75L. Chance to win (Rose of Eden machine):

Body Vines – *BLUE*; *LILAC*; *YELLOW*.
Thigh Vines – *BLUE*; *LILAC*; *YELLOW*.
Arm Cuffs – *BLUE*; *LILAC*; *YELLOW*.
Ankle Cuffs – *BLUE*; *LILAC*; *YELLOW*.
Necklace – *BLUE*; *LILAC*; *YELLOW*.

Complete outfit in *Soft BLUE*;

Complete outfit in *Soft ROSE*.

Everything except Ankle Cuffs is rigged fitted mesh, no copy / no mod / trans.
Ankle Cuffs are unrigged mesh, no copy / mod / trans.

Chance to win (Rosalynn machine):

Top + Chest Roses – *Gold Lace*; *Grape* (mod / trans).
Skirt + Waist Roses – *Gold Lace*; *Grape* (mod / trans).
Sleeves – *Gold Lace*; *Grape* (mod / trans).
Shoes with roses – *White Lace White Roses*; *White Lace SoftRose Roses*; *Pink Lace*; *Gold Lace*; *Grape* ( NO mod / trans).

Top + Skirt + Sleeves in *Pink Lace* + Chest Roses *Pink* + Waist Roses *Pink* (mod / trans).

Top + Skirt + Sleeves in *White Lace* + Chest Roses + Waist Roses in *White* and *SoftRose* (mod / trans).

Please don’t forget to try DEMO first!

~ by cavernaobscura on Monday, May 7, 2018.

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