Dryad Arm Vines by Caverna Obscura

Today’s new release is Dryad Arm Vines, matching perfectly to previously released Dryad Leg Vines (which are now also available for SLINK Physique mesh body and Maitreya mesh body). These leafy Vines are a perfect finishing touch for any fairy / elven / forest themed outfit! Please note that they were fitted for SLINK Physique and Maitreya mesh bodies and will most likely not fit standard avatars. In any case, do try demo first.

Dryad Vines Arms by Caverna Obscura

Dryad Vines Arms by Caverna Obscura

Dryad Vines HUD

Dryad Vines HUD

Leaf texture can be changed to 7 colours by HUD. R and L are separate so you can wear different colours on different arms. Everything is copy / no mod.

Dryad Arm Vines1 Dryad Arm Vines2

~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, July 17, 2016.

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  1. […] only available as fitted mesh size for standard avatars, and Dryad Arm and Leg Vines, also available for SLINK and Maitreya mesh bodies. Oak Silvana comes in 2 colours: SUMMER and […]

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