Fantasy Gacha Carnival – May 2016

Next round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival is nearly upon us!! This round’s Theme – Medieval Materials (gold, silver, metals, dragon scales, animal hides, linen, etc. you get the idea) 🙂 Opening is May the 7th at midnight! Caverna Obscura presents just one outfit this time. What’s new this time around is that it was fitted for SLINK Physique mesh body only, and comes in just one fitted mesh size. As usual, it is exclusive for this event and thus not previously available anywhere, and probably won’t be either, after the event closes. The event is open the whole month, so don’t despair if you can’t get right in, and just try again a few days later. Don’t forget to try DEMO first, you can also get it on Marketplace here once the event goes live.

FGC Sigrid Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Sigrid Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Sigrid Outfit Items

Sigrid Outfit Items

The Sigrid Outfit machine includes:
✿ 10 Common items: Boots Gold, Boots Silver; Leg Guards Gold, Leg Guards Silver; Knee Guards Gold, Knee Guards Silver; Bracers Gold; Bracers Silver; Dress Green Floral, Dress Brown Floral.
✿ 4 Rare items: Gorget Silver; Belt with optional Chainmail Skirt; Dress White Leather; Dress Brown Leather.
✿ 3 Ultra Rare items: Gorget Gold; Belt with optional Dragon scales Skirt; Dress Black Leather.

Everything is rigged fitted mesh fitted for SLINK Physique mesh bodyand is no mod / no copy, except bracers which are unrigged mesh and resizeable and mod / no copy.

Take a look at some closeups below, or just try the DEMO and see for yourself. 😉

Gacha Sigrid01 Gacha Sigrid02 Gacha Sigrid03 Gacha Sigrid04 Gacha Sigrid05 Gacha Sigrid06 Gacha Sigrid07 Gacha Sigrid08 Gacha Sigrid09 Gacha Sigrid10 Gacha Sigrid11 Gacha Sigrid12 Gacha Sigrid13 Gacha Sigrid14 Gacha Sigrid15 Gacha Sigrid16 Gacha Sigrid17 Gacha Sigrid18 Gacha Sigrid19 Gacha Sigrid20 Gacha Sigrid21 Gacha Sigrid22 Gacha Sigrid23

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