Fantasy Gacha Carnival – November

It’s time for the next round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival! ^^ November’s Theme – Silver, Gold, Angels and the Dark Side of the Moon. 🙂 Opening tomorrow (the 6th) at midnight! Caverna Obscura presents just one outfit this time. As usual, it is exclusive for this event and thus not previously available anywhere, and probably won’t be either, after the event closes. The event is open the whole month, so don’t despair if you can’t get right in, and just try again a few days later. 😉

Angelynn is a stunning set of heavenly gossamer lace silks magically held in places by filigree golden (or silver) clasps and buckles of intricate designs suspended on fine chains. Rigged mesh in 5 sizes (CO size + XS, S, M, L), spiced up with additional flexi prims here and there.

FGC Angelynn Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Angelynn Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Angelynn Outfit Items

Angelynn Outfit Items

The Angelynn Outfit machine includes:
✿ 8 Common items: Sleeves Gold, Sleeves Silver; Anklets Gold, Anklets Silver (fitted mesh for standard avis, fitted mesh for SLINK Physique body, unrigged mesh that can be resized); Belly Chain Gold, Belly Chain Silver (unrigged mesh, resizeable); Veil Gold, Veil Silver (unrigged mesh+flexi, resizeable).
✿ 2 Rare items: Top Silver; Skirt Gold.
✿ 2 Ultra Rare items: Top Gold; Skirt Silver.

All unrigged mesh items are copy / mod, so they can be resized and made to fit. All rigged mesh parts are no mod.

Sorry i forgot to take pictures of the Silver version, but you can try the DEMO and see for yourself. 😉 Here are some closeups:

Gacha Angelynn01 Gacha Angelynn03 Gacha Angelynn04 Gacha Angelynn05 Gacha Angelynn06 Gacha Angelynn07 Gacha Angelynn08 Gacha Angelynn09 Gacha Angelynn11 Gacha Angelynn12 Gacha Angelynn13

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