Xmas Party Dress by Caverna Obscura

Get ready for the party season with this gorgeous Xmas Party Dress from Caverna Obscura! Wrapped in high-shine satin and adorned with optional lush Christmas decorations you’ve got no excuse not to be the best dressed girl at this season’s parties!

Xmas Party Dress by Caverna Obscura

Xmas Party Dress by Caverna Obscura

IMPORTANT: This outfit contains some Fitted Mesh items. To be able to see those properly when worn you need to download the latest official LL viewer. This item comes in ONE size only + one Fitted Mesh size. Therefore you should try DEMOs first to see if it fits your shape.

❆ Rigged mesh (no mod / copy): dress in 1 regular size and 1 Fitted Mesh size;
❆ Mixed mesh & sculpts (copy / mod): Christmas decorations with pine branches, holly berries and poinsettia leaves (chest & stomach attachments); candy cane necklace;
❆ Alpha layers (copy / mod).

PS. All textures in this dress are “materials enabled”.

Please click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!

Xmas Party Dress01 Xmas Party Dress03 Xmas Party Dress04 Xmas Party Dress05 Xmas Party Dress06 Xmas Party Dress07 Xmas Party Dress08 Xmas Party Dress09 Xmas Party Dress11 Xmas Party Dress12 Xmas Party Dress13

~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, December 21, 2014.

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