Fantasy Gacha Carnival – November

Once again, Caverna Obscura is participating in the November round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring armor / harness items. The theme of this round is MMORPG Battlefield. There will be 2 Gacha machines from Caverna Obscura, although only one is up right now (still working on the second set, sorry). All items are exclusive for this event and thus not previously available anywhere, and probably won’t be either, after the event closes.

The first item is Mystic Leather Wraps set.

FGC Mystic Leather Wraps Set by Caverna Obscura

FGC Mystic Leather Wraps Set by Caverna Obscura

Gacha Mystic Leather Wraps Items

Gacha Mystic Leather Wraps Items

This set includes:
✿ 10 Common items: Arms DARK leather (including rigged mesh gloves and unrigged mesh bracers); Arms LIGHT leather; Arms DARK Runes; Arms LIGHT Runes; Thighs DARK (rigged mesh, fitted mesh, unrigged mesh); Thighs LIGHT; Knees DARK (rigged mesh, fitted mesh); Knees LIGHT; Shins DARK (unrigged mesh); Shins LIGHT.
✿ 3 Rare items: Shoulders DARK, LIGHT, DARK Runes, LIGHT Runes (rigged mesh); Complete legs DARK Runes; Complete legs LIGHT Runes.
✿ 2 Ultra Rare items: Top (rigged mesh, fitted mesh, unrigged mesh) + Thong (fitted mesh, unrigged mesh), DARK and DARK Runes; Top + Thong LIGHT and LIGHT Runes.

Everything is copy / mod. You can change the colour and glow of the runes by editing any part (read the instructions in the notecard). I haven’t included colour changing HUD with this set because the full set consists of 13 parts, to script them all would make it too laggy. But with some basic editing skills changing colour should not be a problem. 🙂

Please try DEMO first!!!

PS. Second item coming soon! ^^

~ by cavernaobscura on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

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