Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Caverna Obscura is participating in the August round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival featuring items inspired by the Vikings. There are 2 Gacha machines from Caverna Obscura with a stunning jewelry set and a complete outfit. All items are exclusive for this event and thus not previously available anywhere, and probably won’t be either, after the event closes.

FGC Brynhildr Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Brynhildr Outfit by Caverna Obscura

FGC Freyja Jewelry Set by Caverna Obscura

FGC Freyja Jewelry Set by Caverna Obscura

The Brynhildr Outfit machine includes 8 Common items: medieval shoes LIGHT, shoes BROWN, shoes DARK, belt with pouches BROWN, belt with pouches DARK, Viking beads GREEN, Viking beads RED, Viking beads BLUE; 3 Rare items: Apron Overdress GREEN, Apron Overdress RED, Apron Overdress BLUE; 1 Ultra Rare item: Underdress with tunic. Please note that you cannot wear the Overdress on its own, it is meant to be worn over the Underdress. But don’t despair if the luck is not with you and you just can’t win the Ultra Rare Underdress: the Apron Overdresses are also compatible with Avalon gowns which you can get at CO main store or on the Marketplace! 😉

The rigged mesh dresses come in 1 regular size and 1 fitted mesh size, so please try DEMO first!

Gacha Brynhildr Outfit Items

Gacha Brynhildr Outfit Items

The Freyja Jewelry machine includes 8 Common items: Golden earrings, Silver earrings, Golden wrist cuffs, Silver wrist cuffs, Golden upper arm cuffs, Silver upper arm cuffs, Golden anklets, Silver anklets; 2 Rare items: Golden and Silver tiara, Golden and Silver necklace; 1 Ultra Rare item: Golden and Silver ornate belt. All these items come with gem texture changing HUD. Please try DEMO for the Ultra Rare belt, to see if it can fit your shape.

Gacha Freyja Jewelry Items

Gacha Freyja Jewelry Items

Here are close-up shots of the items:

Brynhildr Beads Brynhildr Belt Dark Brynhildr Shoes Brown Freyja Jewelry10 Freyja Jewelry8 Freyja Jewelry7

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