Nereid Outfit & Sandals by Caverna Obscura

Enjoy the summer and the beach life in this stunning sea nymph outfit by Caverna Obscura called Nereid. 🙂 An amazing set made out of beautiful sea shells, pearls and starfish, with just a touch of delicate gossamer silks in pastel hues, with just a hint of fishnets and fish scales.

Nereid Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Nereid Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Included in this set:

✿ 2x flexi prim skirt with mesh pearls & seashells;
✿ 3x mesh starfish & shells top with flexi ruffles & mesh pearl strings;
✿ 2x unrigged mesh pearls belt with sea shells;
✿ unrigged mesh pearl arm bracelets with starfish;
✿ fish scales tattoo;
✿ clothing layers: fish scales glitch top; glitch underpants.

All mesh/prim/sculpt parts are copy / mod; all clothing / tattoo layers are no mod / copy.

The sandals shown on the picture are not included but are sold separately as Nereid Sandals.

Nereid Sandals by Caverna Obscura

Nereid Sandals by Caverna Obscura

This package contains unrigged mesh sandals made to fit Gaeline Female Mesh Flat Bare Feet and Slink Female Mesh Flat Bare Feet SIZE S. They will not fit standard SL avatar feet, or any other mesh feet (unless purely accidentally)! Although they are resizeable and you could try and resize them to fit some other feet.

✿✿✿You are supposed to wear them with the Shoe Bases included with the respective feet brand. If you don’t wear those shoebases the shoes may not fit properly!

These breezy sandals are perfect for a stylish walk on the pier or beach and great as a mermaid / faerie / fae / elven footwear item. If a mermaid would need shoes, this is definitely what she would want to wear! 😉 These are the ultimate fantasy summer sandals wearing which every girl will feel like a sea princess!

Please do try DEMOs first for both the outfit and the shoes! 😉

Please click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!

Nereid Outfit01 Nereid Outfit02 Nereid Outfit04 Nereid Outfit05 Nereid Outfit06 Nereid Outfit07 Nereid Outfit08 Nereid Shoes09 Nereid Shoes10 Nereid Shoes11 Nereid Shoes12 Nereid Shoes13 Nereid Shoes14

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