Niyaz Outfits by Caverna Obscura

After 3 weeks of hard work and a thousand L$ of mesh and textures upload cost, it is finally here in all its glory – the new drop-dead gorgeous silks set by Caverna Obscura called Niyaz. Inspired by the gown Daenerys Targaryen wore in Game of Thrones TV show, it is so far available in 3 lush colors – RUBY, PEARL and ONYX.

Niyaz Silks ~RUBY~ by Caverna Obscura

Niyaz Silks ~RUBY~ by Caverna Obscura

Niyaz Silks ~PEARL~ by Caverna Obscura

Niyaz Silks ~PEARL~ by Caverna Obscura

Niyaz Silks ~ONYX~ by Caverna Obscura

Niyaz Silks ~ONYX~ by Caverna Obscura

IMPORTANT: This outfit contains some Fitted Mesh items. To be able to see those properly when worn you need to download the latest official LL viewer. This item comes in ONE size only + one Fitted Mesh size. Therefore you should try DEMOs first to see if it fits your shape. Complaints about mesh items not fitting your particular shape are not accepted and money will not be refunded for regretted purchases.

Contents of each set (29 items in total!):
✿ rigged mesh parts: golden top; sleeves; lace sleeves; shoulder pearls; harem pants; lace harem pants;
✿ fitted mesh parts: golden top; shoulder pearls; golden belt; harem pants; lace harem pants;
✿ unrigged mesh parts: golden top in 2 sizes; golden belt; golden ankle cuffs; golden wrist cuffs;
✿ flexi prim parts: skirt; lace skirt; chest ruffles; lace chest ruffles;
✿ mixed resizeable parts linked together: golden top + flexi ruffles in 2 sizes; golden top + flexi lace ruffles in 2 sizes; golden belt + skirt; golden belt + lace skirt;
✿ shape for reference.

Everything is copy / mod. Please note that there are NO alpha layers for this outfit!! Due to the nature of the design (lots of see-through intricate filigree and lace) no alphas can be used. If it doesn’t fit you without an alpha, no alpha will rectify that sadly 😦 Sorry! That is why please please try DEMO first!

Please click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!

PS. All textures in these outfits are “materials ready”.

Niyaz ONYX01 Niyaz ONYX04 Niyaz ONYX03 Niyaz ONYX02 Niyaz ONYX05 Niyaz ONYX06 Niyaz ONYX07 Niyaz ONYX08 Niyaz ONYX09 Niyaz ONYX10 Niyaz ONYX11 Niyaz PEARL01 Niyaz PEARL02 Niyaz PEARL03 Niyaz PEARL04 Niyaz PEARL05 Niyaz PEARL06 Niyaz PEARL07 Niyaz PEARL08 Niyaz PEARL09 Niyaz PEARL10 Niyaz RUBY01 Niyaz RUBY02 Niyaz RUBY03 Niyaz RUBY04 Niyaz RUBY05 Niyaz RUBY06 Niyaz RUBY07 Niyaz RUBY08 Niyaz RUBY09 Niyaz RUBY10

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