Arcane Undead Tattoos by Caverna Obscura

On many requests, now Arcane Fire / Ice Tattoos are finally also available in greenish version!

Arcane Undead Tattoos by Caverna Obscura

Arcane Undead Tattoos by Caverna Obscura

Looks best on darker skins, like demon, drow etc. Made for a female body but might work for males as well, although i’m not sure. Contains 2 versions: regular and bright. Try DEMO to see if any of those work for your skin colour.

Each version of Arcane Undead set has full body tattoo, body only tattoo and face only tattoo (6 tattoos in total).

♠ Please try DEMO first!!

If you need these on some other layers, like undershirt or underpants layers, please contact me in world.

Click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!

Arcane Undead Tattoos9 Arcane Undead Tattoos8 Arcane Undead Tattoos7 Arcane Undead Tattoos6 Arcane Undead Tattoos5 Arcane Undead Tattoos4 Arcane Undead Tattoos3 Arcane Undead Tattoos2 Arcane Undead Tattoos1

~ by cavernaobscura on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

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