Sylph Silks ~WEBS~ by Caverna Obscura

Today’s new release is an adaptation of mystical and magical silks set by Caverna Obscura called Sylph, made especially with llothian drow in mind! Streaming gossamer silks made of finest spider webs, richly decorated with carefully crafted exquisite golden jewels, diamonds, rubies and pearls, creating dangerously seducing look worthy of the most devious noble drow females!

Sylph Silks ~WEBS~ by Caverna Obscura (rigged mesh)

Sylph Silks ~WEBS~ by Caverna Obscura (rigged mesh)

IMPORTANT: you need a mesh enabled viewer to be able to use / see mesh items! Most of Caverna Obscura mesh items come in ONE size only. Therefore you should try DEMO first to see if it fits your shape. Complaints about mesh items not fitting your particular shape are not accepted and money will not be refunded for regretted purchases.

All rigged mesh pieces were created exclusively for this outfit!

Contents of this set (28 items in total):
❥ Clothing Layers (no mod/copy): glitch thong on underpants layer, 2x glitch bra on undershirt layer (PEARL and WEBS);
❥ Rigged Mesh Parts (copy/mod): corset (NO MOD!); 2x sleeves (with and without golden armbands); 2x corset jewels (diamonds, rubies); 2x arm jewels (diamonds, rubies);
❥ Sculpted Prim Parts (copy/mod): 3x chest ruffles (without feathers, with RED feathers, with BLACK feathers); L & R upper bracelets; 2x L & R lower arm bracelets (with RED feathers, with BLACK feathers); 2x L & R garters (with RED feathers, with BLACK feathers); necklace;
❥ flexi prim sheer webs skirt (copy/mod);
❥ alpha layer (copy/mod);
❥ reference shape (copy/mod).

Please try DEMO first!

Please click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!

Sylph Silks WEBS1  Sylph Silks WEBS2  Sylph Silks WEBS3  Sylph Silks WEBS4

~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, December 23, 2012.

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