Summer Sandals for Petites

Some more petite goodness from Caverna Obscura: cute sculpted prim sandals, with various decorations. Perfect for summer! ^^

*Petite* Shells & Corals Sandals by Caverna Obscura

*PETITE* Lily Sandals by Caverna Obscura

*PETITE* Floral Sandals by Caverna Obscura

*PETITE* Daisy Sandals by Caverna Obscura

All of these pairs don’t include feet! They should fit Yabusaka Petite’s feet right out of the box! No tedious skin matching required! 😉 One of these pairs (the Lily Sandal) also includes color changing HUD for tinting the flowers to match any outfit! ^^

PS. All of these sandals are also available for normal-sized avatars, although those do include attached prim feet and do require skin tinting.

~ by cavernaobscura on Monday, May 14, 2012.

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