Wood Witch Outfit Update

I’m back from vacation, so obviously i haven’t had much time lately to make some new things… So i figured another update is due! 😀 This time it’s one of my personal favs, outfit called Wood Witch! It was originally made back in 2008, but the design concept remains my favourite as it was inspired by several great fantasy artworks, Todd Lockwood’s Druidess being among them.

Wood Witch Outfit by Caverna Obscura - Updated!

This is one of those rare outfits where i used system skirt. And it’s still there! 😛

This Updated version still includes the old style skirt (all parts named [OLD STYLE]), for the collectors or just the curious ones 🙂

The updates are:
ღ new style skirt with new textures in 2 color variations: plain and ~MOSSY~;
ღ cape in 2 corresponding colors, decorated with antlers which have been updated with new hanging stuff like feathers, bird skulls, tangled plants etc.;
ღ bracelets & necklace have new flowers sculpts and textures;
ღ belt has new flower sculpts and textures; extra decorations have been added as well: feathers, bird skulls, tangled plants etc.;
ღ staff has new decorations of sculpted oak branches with acorns and ivy vines;

Clothing layers were not updated.


Hair: Red Mint, Hair No. 11 ~Golden Brown (tinted)
Skin (tattooed), leafy lashes, leafy ears, clawed feet, shape: all parts of Poison Ivy Complete Avatar by Caverna Obscura.
Eyes: *By Snow* ~ Avatar Eyes (Golden)
Hair Sticks: Elven Hair Sticks by Caverna Obscura

I would also recommend Herne the Hunter Headdress by Caverna Obscura to wear with this outfit, which matches perfectly.

Please click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

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