Lil Demonia Mesh Avatar by Caverna Obscura

Today’s new release is a micro mesh variant of devilishly sexy Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura – Lil Demonia! Now you can be that little devil sitting on your partner’s shoulder, whispering naughty temptations in their ears, luring to fulfill their desires and darker sins! xD

Lil Demonia Mesh Avatar by Caverna Obscura

Lil Demonia is a micro mesh avatar. She’s 0.3 times the size of the normal SL avatar, which is about 0.6 m or 60 cm. Lil Demonia is a bit smaller than Petites mesh avatars (which means you cannot use Petite clothing with it). You can change skin of the scripted body mesh with the included Skin HUD to 4 different skins, and its hands and feet can be turned off / on as well. Please try DEMO first!

Included in the package:

☠ Rigged mesh items (no mod/copy): avatar body, eyes, boots;
☠ Sculpted parts (copy/mod): outfit, wings, horns, body spikes, tail, claws;
☠ Other: modifiable shape; alpha; optional boots base; Skin HUD (4 skins; no mod/copy)

The skin variations are plain, fire cracks, arcane fire, spikes base. Instructions notecard with tips & trics and useful info is included as well.

Click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Friday, March 30, 2012.

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