Minikin Free Mesh Avatar by Caverna Obscura

Now you can get a petite sized mesh avatar FOR FREE! ^^ At Caverna Obscura of course! 😛

Minikin Free Mesh Avatar by Caverna Obscura

So what’s the dealio? Last week we had a conversation in Caverna Obscura V.I.P. group chat where girls were complaining that they cannot afford Petite mesh avatars… I thought it can’t be too hard to make a mini sized avatar for them as an alternative… Another reason why i made this: since new Caverna Obscura mesh outfits were released last week, i got many requests to make them fit for Petites… Which i can’t do! I need to have a model of Petite body in my 3D modeling software to make mesh clothes that would fit. Which i obviously don’t have, because it was made by Yabu. Now that i have my own mini-sized avatar, i can make mesh outfits for it. ^^

Important thing should be mentioned: Minikin avatars are NOT compatible with clothing made for Petites!!! So please, don’t buy Petite clothes for Minikins! Animations made for Petites, furniture and other non-wearable things might be well suitable for Minikins, although i haven’t tested any.


Minikin avatars come in 2 sizes: 0.3 and o.4 of the normal avatar. Size 0.4 is very close to Petites size, and Size 0.3 avatars are even a bit smaller than Petites. Each package includes 2 copy / mod body meshes (1 scripted and 1 not scripted), 1 set of no mod / copy green mesh eyes, 1 set of copy / mod untextured mesh eyes, HUD for skin coloring, shape, alpha layer. The scripted body mesh can be tinted with the HUD and its hands and feet can be turned off by a chat command. Syntax to use on channel 999: “/999 hands off”; “/999 hands on”; “/999 feet off”; “/999 feet on” (type without “”).


You can make a copy of the body and apply your own skin textures. Be sure, that all skin textures are 24-bit TGA files, which means: they should not have any transparency. The usual skin textures will do, but you will have to get rid of transparency in Head texture first, as head textures are usually saved as 32-bit TGA files, or as PNGs, both of which do have transparency. Rezz the body mesh in world, edit it and use Select Texture option in the edit window to texture head, body, legs, hands and feet separately.

You can also apply your own eye textures to the modifiable eye mesh. Just rezz meshes in world, rename them and then apply your own textures.

So far you can clothe Minikin avatars ONLY in prim clothes. If there is enough interest i will make clothing layers available as well, so that you could apply clothing textures to the body.

But luckily, there are enough modifiable prim outfits out there that you can resize by hand or with a resizing script. Example in the picture: resized all-prim outfit Flower Fae II ~WHITE~ by Caverna Obscura. There are several resizing scripts available on the market. But some of them have a minimum size limit, which you could really do without when sizing down things for small avatars. It works like this: normally if you try to shrink a linkset it will only go so far until the smallest prim in the linkset reaches its smallest size. Which often is not small enough for small sized-avatars. That’s why I highly recommend a resizing script that ignores the fact that the smallest prim has reached its smallest size. Such a script will continue resizing the rest of the linkset, ignoring the smallest prim. It goes slightly out of proportions but in most cases you won’t even notice that. Sometimes it can of course get too distorted. That’s why it is wise to make copies first and have both kinds of resizing scripts: one with and one without smallest size limit. I got my resize script with the size limit on Marketplace for free (copy/mod/trans), but the one i use most often is the script without the sizing limit, which i pulled out of A & A hair (no mod/copy/no trans).

How to use a resizing script: rezz your prim item in world, edit it, go to the Contents tab of the edit window, drop the script into the Contents folder. Take the item back to your inventory, wear it and start clicking on it to resize. Once you are done, drop the item, edit it, delete the script from the Contents folder, take it back to your inventory. Sometimes it’s important to drop it (or to re-rezz in world) and delete the script this way (rather than using Kill script option), because no mod scripts will make your items not modifiable.

You can wear prim hands, feet, footwear with Minikin avatars, because there is an option to hide mesh hands and feet of Minikin’s body. If you need to hide more (for digilegs for example), i recommend to use invisi prims. If your attachments are no mod but resizeable, you can make your own invisi prims separately to wear with your digilegs and use Add option, instead of Wear.


If you have any questions or suggestions about Minikin avatars, please leave a comment below or send an IM to Elvina Ewing in world.

~ by cavernaobscura on Monday, March 19, 2012.

24 Responses to “Minikin Free Mesh Avatar by Caverna Obscura”

  1. Sorry, but I think this was a mistake. Now there are going to be multiple standards and things in the Petite world will become very confusing. Plus, you are undermining creators who work hard and deserve to be paid for their work, by giving this away for free. L$1500 is $6 US, that is not a lot of money. I am so tired of the free culture in SL and people demanding something for nothing. Creating takes time and your time has value. Don’t sell yourself and everyone else short.

    • i am so tired of these capitalistic values! i have always admired the creators in SL who had the courage to give away their beautiful creations for free! Even if i’m not one of those great people i often give away my creations for free, at least i am not afraid to make some people happy who don’t have the means or the desire to pay so much money to have some simple pleasures in a computer game. $6 might be nothing to you because you’re american, but there are countries in the world where people’s income is $75 a month. They also play SL and there is no way in the world they would be able to pay $6 for a bunch of pixels. I stick to my belief that it’s absolutely not necessary. If those creators you are talking about put so much time and effort into their work and they want to get paid accordingly they are better off working in some RL game making company instead of wasting their time on these micro payments. This is SL.

      It costed me a day to make this. Anybody with average 3D skills can do what i did. It surprises me no one did. I firmly believe if i didn’t do it, somebody else would, and very very soon! You don’t even need much modeling skills to make this. Just import generic SL avatar mesh which is available everywhere for free into a 3D modeling software of choice, stitch it together, make it smooth, make a few modifications to make it look a bit unique (if needed), and you are good to go! You don’t even need to rig it, because it’s already rigged! It’s almost a shame to ask so much for it. It should have at least been the half of it, L$ 750. Besides, it was just a matter of time when somebody else would come along and do what i just described. I am not ashamed that it was me in this case, because i know i made a lot of people happy.

  2. I agree with Karin that by giving away an entire mesh “Minikin” avatar you are helping to destabilize the market on Petites. However by making the “Minikin” not compatible with clothing made for Petites you stand to increase your own revenue by selling clothing for them but block out an entire market of creators who have collaborated and put time and effort into creating clothing for petites.
    [the rest of the comment removed by CO as irrelevant]

    • “destabilize the market”? you mean, destabilize the monopoly? Last time i checked, monopoly was what kills the market. Competition is one of the market’s driving forces.
      All of you money-worshiping people fail to realize that there is simply no hidden agenda behind creating Minikin avatar and giving it out for free. It’s not all about money, at least for some of us. There is no business strategy or business plan behind it at all. It was made as a test, as an exercise in skills. It’s rather simple and wasn’t designed to be a piece of art. Rather than discarding it i decided to give it away for free, for the delight of everybody in SL, except a handful of shortsighted elitist creators. Those who have money will still go and buy petites. Don’t you worry.

      • That is the problem in SL. They want a monopoly and way too much control. Recently LL changed their ToS to show how much they don’t care about creativity and want to force even the capitalist creators out there to submit to the fact that LL owns everything in SL, regardless who creates it. SL is not an open or free market. It’s based off a pyramid scheme and is as much a scam as the one originated by Ponze and his Securities Exchange Company, which ironically has the same acronym as the modern SEC. Coincidence?

        Only difference is LL seems to be doing its best to make it so they don’t have to pay anyone. They want SL to be considered a game and have no commerce, especially when RL governments, like US Congress are looking to cash in on the virtual market under the ‘if it walks like a duck’ rationale. Linden money is exchanged like real money, and soon enough, if SL continues, either LL will be forced to admit that Linden is real money with rl cash value, or else force it to just be game money with no value beyond what it generates for game purposes only. And as the latter seems closer and closer to coming into being, that means all these creative elitists will be screwed out of the money they spent so much time pursuing.

        But hey, if they want to pay the high prices for land, and continue to fool themselves into thinking they have any kind of secure free market in SL, guess that is their business, until LL puts them out of business anyways.

  3. shortsighted elitists, they are! By kicking you out of Petite Kingdom they robbed their own precious community of your marvellous creations. When will they finally realize that you are a goose that lays golden eggs, and that they would have been sooo much better off keeping you a good friend, than making enemies with you. Everybody could have benefitted of you working together with petites, now they are going to regret so much they kicked you out i am sure of it! Especially if you start making some seriously cool meshy things for your mini kin. They could have had you creating those for petites offering you a deal or something, missed chances! Don’t you feel bad, you did a right thing!

  4. I think the detractors are not taking into consideration, a lot of folks getting the free one already paid for the 1500L ones anyway. In fact, I paid for a female, male and will be getting a third.
    I picked up the free one for the option to make it unique. All the other ones look EXACTLY alike in the face no matter what tone. This one doesn’t.
    Also, being able to make clothing for it under my OWN name is huge for me. Because you described how to make one, now, I know how to make a sort of bodysuit piece, that’s already rigged and make some clothing from that.
    What she gave away for free, was invaluable to me in terms of knowledge. Sometimes, it’s just good to do good– you never know who you help.

    • i don’t know why people are so crazy about those petites. I know i wouldn’t want to look like everybody else. And there’s only so much a different skin, hair and outfit can change when the face, the shape and the length stay the same. If i wasn’t so busy with 1001 things already, i would even have offered a service of making mini avatars from a customer’s shape… BTW, I have now made mesh layers for Minikin avatars, if you (or anybody else) is interested in making their own clothes for them, please contact me in world and i will send you full perm template mesh layers.

  5. “destabilize the market” Are you kidding me? I can not tell you how many prim AVs I have purchased that you could not get prim clothing for anywhere else unless you make it. The idea is not new and is done all the time. It is not “destabilizing the market” it’s called competition, and it is normal.

    Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving some of your creations away for free. As a content creator myself, I have made several of my items free for those who do not have the means to purchase $L. It warms my heart when I see others happy with a free high quality product.

    I just picked up this AV and looked around your shop, your work is amazing! I will be back soon once I have more $L to purchase some of those beautiful outfits. 🙂

  6. cavernaobscura,
    I love that you made a Minikin avatar
    I am a clothing designer and have been looking for a “micro” like avatar to start making clothes for.
    I was looking for one that I can edit to use my own skins.
    You having a free “micro” av was a blessing.
    As a designer I would love to get your Minikin Mesh template so i can make clothing as well for the Minikin and Petites.
    for me I would sell my clothing in a pack for use with Minikin and Petite I think its good to have variations in sl.
    Thank You for the wonderful free Minikin.

    Cathiee McMillan

  7. if I had the 3d skills, I would make a male mini, as I have been asked to make my mermaids in male mini form! And brava! because I couldn’t afford a petite ava atm.

    • A male avatar that is free would be absolutely lovely…that way I dont have to feel guilty getting male friends who like my avatar and want to join me in my mini-ness xD….Maybe I’ll give it a shot, even though maybe I’ll fail because I have no 3D skills at the moment hehe…..

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  9. Wow, who knew that making a gift to our shared culture would bring so much negative feedback. I’m happy to see peeps make money in virtual space, but my personal interest is in shared culture. Open access. Read/Write. It’s funny to hear that SL is infected with free culture, I feel the opposite, that we’re swimming in a Web2.0 world that’s all about remix culture and SL stands in opposition to that with tightly locked down IP that can be enjoyed but not remixed or moved forward in our shared culture. More like a cultural timeout.

  10. Although I am friendly & respect a couple of the people who have posted above, I have to disagree on this occasion. I believe what Elvina of Caverna Obscura has done should be applauded as it gives access to many content creators who (like me) may not be able to get their heads around the insane complexities of Blender or afford Maya, Z Brush etc. Why should making clothes for Petite style avs be restricted to the few uber nerds and not be enjoyed by the more basic idiot nerd like myself. You have my support totally, BRAVO and thank you to the Enchantress of Caverna Obscura!!

  11. […] Each set also includes 0.3 and 0.4 Minikin sizes specially fitted for Minikin micro mesh avatars by Caverna Obscura that you can get for free in the store! […]

  12. Thank you for this!! I just returned to SL, am unemployed (an unfortunate recent occurrence) and just spent a lot of money (relatively) for SL to make me feel better. Now with the tempting wonderful trend of petites, I luckily came up on your avatars fast. I’ve spent on outfits on my minikin but I’m SO SO SO GLAD that the avatar itself came free=D. I just feel at this time I could not afford a Petite, even though its so tempting to buy one. I really appreciate that you have continued to put it out.

    Would also love to see a male, but I know you’re very busy!

    Oh also- I sent you a message via my.secondlife requesting add to your group (I bought a 500L outfit from you for my Minikin) but not sure if you got it. Will try notecard soon if you do not. Thanks!!!

  13. […] the skins to your Petite. * You will need to already own a modifiable Yabusaka Petite Avatar or Caverna Obscura Minikin in order to use the skins. * You’ll need a little bit of experience modding objects and a […]

  14. […] Also included with each set is the same outfit in Minikin size 0.3 for micro mesh Minikin avatars by Caverna Obscura!!! It fits all micro mesh avatars made by Caverna Obscura (Lil Demonia, Lil Fungalia and […]

  15. This free AV got the wife’s feet wet with small mesh AV’s. There was no way she would have taken the plunge without a trying the free Minikin. After roaming around for a bit in SL (not something she would have done with a demo), she bought a petite too & has been spending lots of L$ ever since. So you folks that have been getting on Elvina’s case owe her an apology. Minikin have brought a lot of people into the world of small mesh AV’s, some very big spenders like my wife!

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