More Spirits of Nature

2 new items from Caverna Obscura for the nature spirits among us: first one up – my personal favourite Herne the Hunter Head Dress.

Herne the Hunter Head Dress by Caverna Obscura

Herne the Hunter is the god of the wild hunt, of the game in the forest. He is depicted wearing the antlers of a great stag. Herne was considered a divine hunter, and was seen on his wild hunts carrying a great horn and a wooden bow, riding a mighty black horse and accompanied by a pack of baying hounds. Mortals who get in the way of the Wild Hunt are swept up in it, and often taken away by Herne, destined to ride with him for eternity.

Included in this set:
ღ sculpted prim antlers decorated with bird skulls, vines, animal teeth;
ღ ivy vines wreath with oak branches and acorns
ღ complete head dress: antlers + wreath

Attaches to chin, copy / mod.

It was fitted for females, although i think it’s suitable enough to be worn by males as well. After all you can make a copy and stretch it.

Also worn on the picture: necklace from Huldra ~Fauna~ Outfit by Caverna Obscura; ferns top from Hudra ~Flora~ Outfit by Caverna Obscura; Poison Ivy skin and lashes from Poison Ivy Avatar by Caverna Obscura. Hair by EMO-tions.

Another new item today: Fayette Outfit by Caverna Obscura. This 15 item versatile set by Caverna Obscura will suit many forest creatures: it’s a perfect outfit for a wood elf. The “beautiful decay” look and rags will also be fitting for a forest witch. It’s also a great amy-brown-ish outfit for a forest fae / faerie as well. Just add the wings!

Fayette Outfit by Caverna Obscura

The set includes:
ღ clothing layers: top on 2 layers (shirt, jacket); underpants; stockings; gloves;
ღ sculpted prim static skirt made of leaves;
ღ sculpted prim leaves skirt with flexi ivy vines;
ღ sculpted prim leaves skirt with flexi rags & ivy vines;
ღ sculpted prim chest leaves;
ღ sculpted prim upper arms leaves;
ღ sculpted prim leaves garters with ties;
ღ sculpted prim leather shoes decorated with leaves;
ღ alpha feet layer.
All prim parts are copy/mod, all clothing layers are no mod/copy!

✿NOTE: the head dress with antlers shown in the pictures is not included!

Please click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

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