Demonia Avatar Update and New Items

As you might have heard from the group notices, i was working on the updates for Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura this week… The older version is retired now and has been replaced with this new update. The major points of the update were skin, boots and horns, and i’ve also thrown in a couple of new items in the complete package. It now includes a new chain necklace with skulls, 4 new skins and 6 new fire tattoos. The outfit, wings and tail all had minor tweaks that would probably be barely noticeable 🙂

Demonia II Avatar by Caverna Obscura

Complete avatar package includes 32 items in total:
☠ 4x skins (plain, fire cracks, arcane fire, spikes base);
☠ 6x tattoos (3x Fire Cracks tattoos, with different face glow; 3x Arcane Fire: full body, face only, body only);
☠ modifiable shape;
☠ sculpted parts: wings, horns, ears, body spikes, tail;
☠ sculpted boots;
☠ sculpted chain necklace with skulls;
☠ sculpted top & thong;
☠ 2x boots base (textured & transparent); alpha feet layer.

Hair, head gear and eyes are NOT included! Hair + head gear are made by Tekeli-li! and is called Thasaidon. Get it HERE.

Just like before, several parts of this avatar are also available separately:

Demonia II Outfit Only by Caverna Obscura

♠ INCLUDED: horns, tail, wings, body spikes, bra, thong, modifiable Demonia shape for easy fitting. All items are copy/mod.

♠ NOT included: skins, tattoos, hair, head gear, eyes, ears, boots.

Demonia II Boots by Caverna Obscura

The package contains MOD/COPY/ NO TRANS boots made of sculpted prims. You can fit them by hand with the usual edit menu, or add your own resize script if you so choose. Included are also alpha feet layer and 2 boots bases (textured and transparent). Each boot is split in 2 parts: boot part worn on lower leg, and boot top worn on upper leg.

Please try DEMO first!

Demonia II Skins by Caverna Obscura

This package contains 4 skins (no mod/copy/no trans): plain, fire cracks, arcane fire and spikes base (to wear with spikes from Demonia Outfit by Caverna Obscura). A set of matching sculpted ears (copy/mod) is also included.

Please try DEMO first!

And here are the new additions, included with the Complete Avatar package and available separately as well:

Fire Cracks Full Body Tattoos by Caverna Obscura

Arcane Fire Tattoos by Caverna Obscura

First set of 3 Fire / Lava Cracks full body tattoos contains tattoo with full face glow, less face glow tattoo and no face glow tattoo. Second set of 3 Arcane Fire runes body tattoos contains full body tattoo, body only tattoo and face only tattoo. All copy/no mod/no trans. All these are made for dark skins, like demon, drow etc. Made for a female body but might work for males as well, although i’m not sure. You need to have 2.x viewer that uses tattoo layers. It won’t work if you’re still on a 1.2x viewer!

Please view all the options carefully before making the decision about what to get, before you end up with double purchases. 🙂

Click on the thumbnails below for close up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

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