Twisted Thorn Outfit and Footwear Updates

Beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect upon things past… There are some things in Caverna Obscura’s inventory that need a change, so i think this is a good moment to start updating some old favourites. 😉 Today’s updates are, probably the sexiest and naughtiest outfit i’ve ever made, and matching footwear, called Twisted Thorn.

Twisted Thorn Outfit by Caverna Obscura - Updated!

This outfit is made almost entirely of sculpted prims. Because of all the numerous chain links it has high prim count. The updated parts are the shoes and new clothing layers that now include black and white latex accessories. Prim parts of the arms, upper legs, top and thong were not updated. Please note that this outfit does NOT include modesty options like pasties or glitchpants. The old version of the shoes is also included.

This set consists of 34 items in total:

♠ Clothing layers (no mod/copy): white latex gloves, stockings, jacket, undershirt, underpants; black latex gloves, stockings, jacket, undershirt, underpants; boots base; shoebase; 2x modifiable feet alpha layers (to wear with boots and with pumps);
♠ Sculpted prim parts (mod/copy): 2x top (covered with leather and revealing version);
♠ 2x thong (covered with leather and revealing version);
♠ upper arm & leg straps with chains;
♠ complete boots (worn on lower leg) with tintable foot part;
♠ lower leg L & R straps with chains;
♠ 2x pumps with chains (worn on feet, or on lower legs) with tintable foot part;
♠ old version pumps without feet;
♠ no mod color picker HUD for coloring skintone of the feet;
♠ modifiable reference shape.

NOTE: it is recommended to try demo first to see if the sculpted parts fit your curves. It must be mentioned that the demo doesn’t include chains, studs and skulls that are seen on the original items.

Just like with the previous version, the footwear is also available separately:

Twisted Thorn Boots by Caverna Obscura - Updated!

Twisted Thorn Pumps by Caverna Obscura

All sculpted prim parts are copy/mod. The feet parts are tintable with the no mod HUD. The boots are worn on the lower legs. The pumps include 2 versions: one to wear on feet, and one to wear on lower legs. Whatever suits you better 🙂 For the boots you can also try demo first.

If you own an older version of any of these and want this update, send a picture of yourself wearing it with your SL name (NOT a display name that you can change!) clearly readable to Elvina Ewing.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

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