Winter Coats by Caverna Obscura

For several years people have been asking me to make more colors for Winter Coat that has so far only existed in RED and BLUE… I always find it boring to make several colors of the same outfit so i was too lazy to bother… Now it’s almost 3 years ago that i made the original version of this coat, so it desperately needed an update. And what a good opportunity to finally give in to popular demand and finally create several new colors as well 😉

Winter Coat ~Fat Pack~ by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat ~GREEN~ by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat ~WHITE~ by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat ~BLACK~ by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat ~BROWN~ by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat ~RED~ by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat ~BLUE~ by Caverna Obscura

All prim parts are sculpted prims, hence the skirt and the sleeves are not flexi. I’m also not sure whether it would fit full figures with large bottoms, although it’s modifiable and you can try to stretch it. Note that in the Black version  the fabric texture is actually a bit blueish black, not black black or grey black 😛 Not sure if you can see it on the picture, but i thought i would mention that…

The updates of the Red and Blue versions: all fur textures, all red textures, blue hood texture have been updated, and normal prims of the fur balls have been replaced with the sculpts. Now each color set includes 9 items in total:

❆ Clothing layers (no mod/copy): jacket, underpants, stockings;
❆ Sculpted prim parts (mod/copy): L & R sleeves;
❆ skirt with fur ball buttons;
❆ hanging hood + fur ball buttons;
❆ hood-up;
❆ collar + fur ball buttons.

Oh, and the Fat Pack obviously contains all 6 colors for the price of 5 (even less). ^^


~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, November 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Winter Coats by Caverna Obscura”

  1. […] You need to own a Petite avatar and a mesh enabled viewer to be able to use these outfits. If you are not a Petite, these coats are also available for normal sized avatars HERE. […]

  2. […] of you might remember or even own cute little winter coats in many colours, from the way back… I figured it was time to make a mesh version of those! 😉 […]

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