Cornfield Faerie Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Another harvest themed fairy outfit comes out today at Caverna Obscura, called Cornfield Faerie. It’s the last one for now, i promise! 😛 It’s a variation on the same wheat & poppies theme that came to life while i was playing around with different ideas. Basically, it contains the same grain and poppy accessories as the previous 2 outfits, Demeter and Harvest Faerie, but with a different clothing style. Where the former one was formal and dignified, the latter one – playful and cute, this outfit is light-hearted and slouchy 🙂

Cornfield Faerie Outfit by Caverna Obscura

The main thing that distinguishes this outfit from the other two in this theme, is the addition of sculpted prim scripted fairy socks. You get a pair decorated with ubiquitous wheat straws, and a pair without those. You can change the texture of both the knit and the ribbon by a simple chat command.

The full contents of this set (24 items in total):
ღ Clothing layers: top on 2 layers (shirt, undershirt), bottom on 2 layers (underpants, pants), stockings;
ღ flexi prim mini skirt;
ღ sculpted prim grain and poppies belt;
ღ sculpted prim L & R arm bracelets with grain and poppies;
ღ sculpted prim grain and poppies necklace;
ღ sculpted & flexi shoulder knot (worn on R shoulder or chest);
ღ sculpted prim fairy socks scripted to change texture of the knit (12 colors) and ribbon (8 colors);
ღ flexi wings;
ღ sculpted prim grain and poppies wreath (chin and mouth fit);
ღ munch wheat straw.

All prim parts are copy/mod, all clothing layers are no mod/copy.

Please click on the thumbnails below for close-up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

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