More Strawberry Madness!

It’s heart of summer, and it’s strawberry madness here at Caverna Obscura! 😀 If you, just like me, can’t get enough of these delicious fruits of the forest, wrap yourself into this new whimsical faerie outfit from Caverna Obscura:

Strawberry Faerie II by Caverna Obscura

It can be rather naughty, and if you’re up to surprising your partner with something unusually fresh and sexy, he/she will sure want to take a bite! 😀

The set includes:

ღ Clothing layers: top on 3 layers (shirt, undershirt, jacket); glitch bra on shirt and undershirt layers; glitch thong, underpants;
ღ sculpted prim neck holder top made of strawberries, flowers and leaves;
ღ sculpted prim strawberries belt;
ღ flexi prim ferns skirt with sculpted strawberries;
ღ sculpted prim L & R arm bracelets with strawberries;
ღ sculpted prim necklace with strawberries;
ღ sculpted prim strawberries brooch;
ღ sculpted prim R garter with strawberries;
ღ flexi prim fairy wings.

You can wear this outfit in many different ways, see the pictures below for some hints!



~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, July 17, 2011.

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