Floral Sandals by Caverna Obscura

Since the release of Floral Vines Heels by Caverna Obscura i have been seeking an opportunity to create the same style of shoes but without heels, almost like flat bare feet but not quite. Something that would look very natural and organic on the feet of the true Child of Nature, who unlike the fancy fairies, don’t want to adorn their feet with sexy heels 😉 So no worries, the long wait is finally over! ^^ If you were, just like me, searching everywhere for cute and sexy faerie footwear with feet – and WITHOUT HEELS!! – here you found them! :p

Lily Sandals with feet by Caverna Obscura

Floral Sandals with feet by Caverna Obscura

Daisy Sandals with feet by Caverna Obscura

All sets include 3 pair of copy/mod/no trans shoes: one with natural LIGHT skin tone textures, one with natural MEDIUM skin tone textures and one with general greyscale skin tone textures. It also includes alpha feet layer and no mod/copy/no trans HUD for tinting skin tone of the feet and nail color. The flowers in the first set of Lily Sandals can also be tinted with the HUD. (The flowers in the other sets of Floral Sandals and Daisy Sandals are NOT tintable.)

I have also updated the tinting HUD. There are just 2 scripts inside of each shoe (resize and tinting), and you can delete the resize script after you are done fitting. So no more lag because of the fancy shoes! 😉 (I’m going to update the Heels’ HUD as well in the next days to improve on their lagginess! ^^)

NOTE: Please be aware that all these shoes are made for the newer generation of SL viewers, the ones that support Alpha layers. All these shoes are made without invis prims, so if you are using an older 1.2x viewer version, these shoes won’t work for you!

The detailed instructions on using the HUD for tinting and fitting the shoes are included with each set. Besides, the shoes are modifiable so you always can tint the parts by hand if you really couldn’t manage that with the HUD.

Please click on the thumbnails below for close-up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Floral Sandals by Caverna Obscura”

  1. Like the rest of your creations, your sandals are a work of art! I recently purchased your Grape Vines Dryad Outfit and would gladly purchase a pair of your sandals adorned in grape vines. I’ve even imagined them looking a lot like your Floral Sandals. Thank you for awakening my own imagination and creativity with your work!

  2. […] Daisies Sandals and Daisies Wreath the model is wearing are sold separately! […]

  3. […] headpiece and sandals shown in the pictures and NOT included and are available […]

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