Looking for a Sim Landscaper / Store Designer!


As you probably know, Caverna Obscura has recently moved to a new location. However it’s still located in the temporary sky shop. Now i’m looking for an experienced sim landscaper/store designer to help me design the store on the ground floor. The theme is nature, fantasy, magical forest. If you are a good builder or know one who might be interested in this challenge, please leave a comment here or contact Elvina Ewing in world for further info! If you have some LMs with your builds that i can visit, please send me a notecard with your name and locations. Thank you.

~ by cavernaobscura on Saturday, February 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Looking for a Sim Landscaper / Store Designer!”

  1. Elvina,

    Though I do landscape, I have just started building 2 stores and I’m swamped with creating things to sell. I want to announce one of the stores on 3/5/2011. The 2nd store will probably take me another month before I announce it. I do have 2 recommendations. Erielle Clary has had to shut down one of her 2 sims that is home to Clary Craft, due to the current economy. She has the best landscape material in SL and her landscape design is gorgeous. You might approach her. The other is Sphire Ziemia. She is the Princess and co-owner of Metatheria (and my landlord). She has covered our home sim beautifully, mostly with landscape materials created by Erielle Clary. She might be amiable to the task as well.

    I will send a copy of this email to both of them.

    Calleigh Violet

    • thank you very much for your suggestions! I have found some landscapers for this job, but i have yet been undecided whether to just do it myself after all… anyway i will consider people you named if i decide to have somebody else do it in the end…

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