New Sexy Shoes by Caverna Obscura

You can find lots of faerie wear here at Caverna Obscura – you sure know that don’t you 😉 But what about fairy cute faerie feet? The standard SL feet look ugly, everybody knows that! 😦 So i’ve been looking around for ages for nice prim faerie feet but the choice was either plain feet or slutty strappy sandals that you see on every other girl in SL… Not very dreamy! So enough was enough, and i just went ahead and made some adorable faerie heels myself! ^^ So if you were just like me searching everywhere for cute and sexy faerie footwear with feet – here you found them! :p

Floral Vines Heels with tintable flowers by Caverna Obscura

Floral Vines Heels by Caverna Obscura

Summer Oak Heels by Caverna Obscura

Autumn Oak Heels by Caverna Obscura

All sets include 3 pair of copy/mod/no trans shoes: one with natural LIGHT skin tone textures, one with natural MEDIUM skin tone textures and one with general greyscale skin tone textures. It also includes shoe base, alpha feet layer and no mod/copy/no trans HUD for tinting skin tone of the feet and nail color. The flowers in the first set of Floral Vines Heels can also be tinted with the HUD. (The flowers in the second set of Floral Vines are NOT tintable.)

Please be aware that all these shoes are made for the newer generation of SL viewers, the ones that support Alpha layers. All these shoes are made without invis prims, so if you are using an older 1.2x viewer version, these shoes won’t work for you!

The detailed instructions on using the HUD for tinting and fitting the shoes are included with each set. Besides, the shoes are modifiable so you always can tint the parts by hand if you really couldn’t manage that with the HUD.

Please click on the thumbnails below for close-up pictures and more amazing details!


~ by cavernaobscura on Friday, December 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Sexy Shoes by Caverna Obscura”

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