Shroomee Avatars by Caverna Obscura

Today’s new release @ Caverna Obscura is a complete avatar – a cute magical creature called Shroomee! 😀 She is covered with glowing magic mushrooms, wears a whimsical mushroom hat and her tattered clothes are adorned with – you get it! – bright yummy mushrooms she picked in the dark forest today to make a steaming brew back home in her den! 😀

You can wear this avatar on Halloween, or any other time just for fun!^^

Shroomee Avatar ~GREEN~ by Caverna Obscura

Shroomee Avatar ~PURPLE~ by Caverna Obscura

The complete Shroomee Avatar comes in 2 colours: green and purple. Each set includes:

✿ 2 spotty skins with different eyebrow shapes (no mod/copy/no trans)
✿ eyes (no mod/copy/no trans)
✿ eyebrows (copy/mod)
✿ modifiable shape (copy/mod)
✿ sculpted prim ears with glowing antennae (ears fit, mouth fit; copy/mod)
✿ prim hair (copy/mod)
✿ leather top (shirt & undershirt layer; no mod/copy/no trans)
✿ leather thong (underpants layer; no mod/copy/no trans)
✿ glitch leather socks (PURPLE version); bark socks (GREEN version); (no mod/copy/no trans)
✿ sculpted prim mushrooms necklace
✿ flexi prim skirt with sculpted shrooms, twigs and feathers
✿ sculpted prim leather shoes (PURPLE version); bark shoes (GREEN version)
✿ sculpted prim shrooms upper arms, hips, ankles attachments
✿ sculpted prim mushroom cap

24 items in total! All prim attachments are copy/mod.

Please take a look at the close-up pictures below to appreciate all the details! 😉

~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, October 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shroomee Avatars by Caverna Obscura”

  1. Where are the pricing on the outfits?

    • for these particular avatars, the price is L$ 699. You can find the prices for the other Caverna Obscura items on Second Life Marketplace (link on the right side of this page)

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