Pixie Ears & Eyes by Caverna Obscura

There are 2 new releases @ Caverna Obscura today. One of those is something that haven’t ever created before – the eyes! 😀 Somehow i didn’t bother so far… This time i was working on a new complete avatar and was in need of the fitting eyes so i figured why not make them in several colors and make available separately and as a fat pack! 😉

Lavender Eyes by Caverna Obscura

Mossy Eyes by Caverna Obscura

Amber Eyes by Caverna Obscura

Jade Eyes by Caverna Obscura

Ocean Eyes by Caverna Obscura

Another new release today are Pixie Ears, scripted to change skin tone, flowers and antennae tips colours!

Pixie Ears by Caverna Obscura

This set of sculpted ears include Ears with flowers worn on L/R ear, Ears without flowers worn on L/R ear, Ears with and without flowers worn on mouth. That way you have the freedom to either wear just 1 jeweled ear L or R, or both, or even to wear any other ear jewelry with it! All ears are copy/mod, but it might be impossible to shrink them to a smaller size because of some very tiny prims.

There are several skin tones available. You can choose between Naturals (human skin tones) and Colors (skin tones for dark elves, fae, demons & goth). You can also use White or Light Grey option for the custom tinting. Tinting instructions included.

Please try a DEMO before you buy to avoid any disappointment!

Please click on the thumbnails below for a detailed picture of different colour options.

~ by cavernaobscura on Friday, October 22, 2010.

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