Huldra ~Flora~ Edition by Caverna Obscura

Today’s new release is another Caverna Obscura’s state of the art highly detailed costume called Huldra. This outfit creates an unique magical character and tells a story with its completeness and attention to details.

In Scandinavian folklore, the Huldra is a seductive forest creature. Seen from the front she is a stunningly beautiful, naked female being with long hair; from behind she is hollow like an old tree trunk. In Norway she has a cow’s tail, and in Sweden she may have that of a cow or a fox. In Norway she has often been described as a typical dairymaid, wearing the clothes of a regular farm-girl, although somewhat more dazzling than most girls.

In my own artistic interpretation of the Huldra, i have decided not to stick closely to the legend but to take a more general approach to the Huldra as a forest spirit.

Huldra Outfit ~Flora Edition~ by Caverna Obscura

~Flora Edition~ accentuates on the growing greenery with ferns, pine cones, acorns and mushrooms decorations. The ~Floral Edition~ also implies that there is also ~Fauna Edition~ coming soon! 😉

This set includes: ferns glitch bra (undershirt layer), ferns thong (underpants layer), tree bark socks, skin spots tattoos for light and for dark skin (on tattoo layer, available only on the newer viewers!), for the 1.x viewers the skin spots tattoos come also on the normal shirt, pants and gloves layers (for both light and dark skin); prim parts: sculpted ferns top decorated with some flexi fern leaves, with sculpted mushrooms, acorns and pine cones (worn on chest); sculpted necklace with muchrooms, acorns and pine cones (worn on chest); sculpted top + necklace linked together (worn on chest); flexi ferns skirt with sculpted ferns belt; sculpted mushrooms upper arms, hips and ankles attachments; sculpted prim tree bark root-like shoes decorated with vines, ferns and mushrooms; sculpted mushroom hat; modifiable shape for easy fitting. 25 items in total!

All clothing parts and tattoos are no mod/copy; all prim parts are copy/mod.

It is strongly recommended to take a look at the close-up pictures below to appreciate all the details! 😉

PS. Skins used in the poster: light – Elf II, Petals tone Dark Freckled, Meadow 1 makeup, by Curio; dark – Drow Skin, Light Burnt tone, Silver Diamonds makeup, by Caverna Obscura. Hair – Sammy, Black Rainbow tips, by Deviant Kitties.

~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

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