Rusalka II Outfits by Caverna Obscura

Can’t wait for that ultimate vacation trip? Or just came home from one and don’t want to lose that lazy summer feeling at the seaside? The new Caverna Obscura release will bring you (back) into vacation mood! 😉

Actually, it’s a new long skirted version of the existing cute and sexy Rusalka Outfit by Caverna Obscura. It has some of the same elements but looks more feminine with the long flowing semi sheer garments covered with shimmering water drops, additional sleeves and head piece. Moreover: the new outfit comes in 5 fresh summer colours! Today you get to see 2 of them, called ~AZURE WATER~ and ~CRYSTAL WATER~. Other colours coming soon!

Rusalka II Outfit ~AZURE WATER~ by Caverna Obscura

Rusalka II Outfit ~CRYSTAL WATER~ by Caverna Obscura

The set includes: sculpted prim sea shells top (worn on chest), necklace (worn on chest), sculpted prim top + necklace (worn on chest, so that you could wear additional wings on spine if you really want to :) ), flexi prim skirt, sculpted prim shells belt, skirt + belt (linked together and worn on pelvis), flexi prim sleeves and head piece decorated with shells, lower L arm bracelet, sculpted prim shells anklets, glitch bra on 2 clothing layers, glitch thong on 2 clothing layers. The belt has optional faerie dust particles that you can turn on/off by a simple chat command. All parts are copy/mod.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

~ by cavernaobscura on Monday, July 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rusalka II Outfits by Caverna Obscura”

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