Wisteria Dryad Hair & Wreath by Caverna Obscura

Another new releases today at Caverna Obscura are 2 more Wisteria items: Wisteria Dryad Hair and Wisteria Wreath. If you want to create a true dryad look you might like to wear your hair like the dryads do – all twigs and branches, leaves and blossoms! 😀 If you are a fae, or an elf, you might want to just adorn your soft shiny hair with a wreath of beautiful and delicate wisteria blossoms! 🙂

Wisteria Dryad Hair by Caverna Obscura

Wisteria Wreath by Caverna Obscura

The hair set includes 2 styles: one plain, one decorated with sculpted leaves and blossoms. The wreath set includes 2 attachments: mouth fit and chin fit. All prim items are copy/mod. Please try demo first, it’s available in the shoppe.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

One Response to “Wisteria Dryad Hair & Wreath by Caverna Obscura”

  1. […] wreath and sandals shown in the pictures are NOT included and are available separately. Wisteria Heels by […]

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