Ambrosia Gowns in Lilac & White by Caverna Obscura

Another 2 additional colours of Ambrosia Gown by Caverna Obscura get released today: this time it’s Lilac and White. More faerie sweetness and cuteness in new soft colours! ^^

Ambrosia Gown in LILAC by Caverna Obscura

Ambrosia Gown in WHITE by Caverna Obscura

Ambrosia gowns compliment the respective colours of the Dream Thief outfits. Take a look at Dream Thief Outfit in WHITE and Dream Thief Outfit in LILAC by Caverna Obscura! (the Dream Thief outfits in new colours Pink and Orange are coming soon too!) You can mix and match Ambrosia Gowns with Dream Thief Outfits of the same colour because they’re made of the same petals! ^^

This set includes: top on Shirt and Undershirt layers, bloomers on Pants and Underpants layers, glitchpants on Pants and Underpants layers, sculpted and flexi skirt covered with glittering prim dew drops (in 3 lengths: mini, midi and maxi), sculpted and flexi sleeves, sculpted flowers and leaves cuffs, sculpted flower vine necklace, sculpted leaves corset (2 pieces worn on L and R pec). Each skirt has optional bling in the dew drops that you can turn on/off by a simple chat command. NB. The wreaths are not included and are sold separately (see Accessories section).

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, January 31, 2010.

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