Female Warrior Armor Sets Updates

I believe it’s time to update one of the greatest items ever made by Caverna Obscura – Armor of Female Warior series! And make it even more perfect 🙂 I was surprised to notice after digging them up from my inventory, that not much really needs to be corrected, and they were made already almost 2 years ago! I proudly can admit it was good job back then, that still stands up my quality stardards to this day! There were only minor things that i thought needed a little improvement. And here’s the result:

Drow Warrior Armor 2.0 Set by Caverna Obscura

Angel Warrior Armor 2.0 Set by Caverna Obscura

The biggest changes are: new shoes, which don’t require shoebase anymore, and look more natural and suitable for combat; sculpted prim buckles and chainlinks instead of old normal prim ones; additional hooded cloak!

The set includes:
Chainmail shirt
Chainmail gloves
Leather corset top
Leather gauntlets (Gloves layer)
Leather pants
Leather underpants
Leather socks
Modifiable Angel Warrior shape

Prim parts:
Shoulder armor high & low prim
Chest armor high & low prim [updated]
Battle Skirt high & low prim [updated]
Gauntlets high & low prim [updated]
Cape with hood hide/show [updated]
Combat boots/leg armor high & low prim [updated]
+ version 2.0 also includes cloak!
Angel Warrior also includes Freebie Angel wings made by Obunnywan Manimal.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

~ by cavernaobscura on Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

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