Essence Victorian Bustle Gown by Caverna Obscura

Today’s release is something completely new and unusual for Caverna Obscura: a Victorian gown! 😀 I’ve visited some RL fantasy/gothic fairs and festivals in the past few weeks, and got really inspired! So i took up a challenge to make this Victorian bustle gown, so this is how it turned out:

Essence Victorian Gown

Essence Victorian Bustle Gown by Caverna Obscura

It was tricky to make the bustle skirt look right, because it is made of sculpted prims and thus it is quite static. It won’t stretch or follow the movements of your legs. There are different glitch options included, like glitch skirt, glitch pants and extra skirt leg attachments. You can try them all separately or together and see what suits your AO most. It’s possible that none of the options would do with your current AO. That’s why a special AO is recommended that would suit the gown. It is also not recommended to sit while wearing this gown. Alas, a realistic sculpted longskirt does come with a price, just like the RL bustle gowns do! 😦

It was tested for default animations and looks fine with those, so if you really don’t have a special gown AO, you can always use none at all 😛

The set includes: Shirt, glitch pants (underpants), glitch skirt, sculpted & flexi bustle skirt, sculpted jacket skirt, sculpted jabot, sculpted cuffs, sculpted sleeves, sculpted & flexi bloomers (leg attachments).

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details.

Essence Victorian Gown01 Essence Victorian Gown02 Essence Victorian Gown03 Essence Victorian Gown04 Essence Victorian Gown05 Essence Victorian Gown06 Essence Victorian Gown07 Essence Victorian Gown08

~ by cavernaobscura on Friday, August 14, 2009.

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