Zero Gravity Boots by Caverna Obscura

The second one of today’s new releases is called Zero Gravity Boots. It’s a sexy high heel black cracked leather style with the wedge platform and metal plates. The boots will fit a wide variety of clothing styles: from urban neko, to sci-fi, to dark sinister creatures as vampires, or can even be worn as heavy combat boots!

Zero Gravity Boots by Caverna Obscura

Zero Gravity Boots by Caverna Obscura

The boot top is similar to the boots from the Blackweave Witch Armor set, only Zero Gravity Boots are decorated also with small sculpted skulls. As usual, made mostly of sculpted prims, copy/mod, fitted for size 0 feet.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

Zero Gravity Boots01 Zero Gravity Boots02 Zero Gravity Boots03 Zero Gravity Boots04

~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, July 9, 2009.

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