Blackweave Witch Armor by Caverna Obscura

The new Caverna Obscura release is a 3D recreation of “Blackweave Witch” art by James Ryman.

Blackweave Witch Armor by Caverna Obscura

Blackweave Witch Armor by Caverna Obscura

As usual, it was made of lots of specially made unique sculpted prims and handpainted textures.

The set includes: Shirt, underpants, gloves, stockings, flexi skirt with sculpted bones, sculpted leg armor, sculpted shoulder armor with spikes, sculpted bracers and boots decorated with bones, leather straps and studs, flexi cape with sculpted hood and ties, necklace and upper arm bracelet of the same design as the bones decorations on the skirt.

There are 2 versions of the skirt included: the normal one only has 1 side armor plate on each side and you should wear that one with the Hip attachments. That way the leg armor pieces can move with the leg. The skirt V2 has 4 side armor plates on each side and thus doesn’t require additional Hip attachments. This way the leg armor pieces are attached to the sides of the skirt and don’t follow the leg movements. Which version to wear would depend on your AO: with sertain movements version 1 looks better, with other movements V2. [v1 is shown on all the pictures]

Please click on the thumbnails below for a detailed picture.

blackweave-witch01 blackweave-witch03 blackweave-witch04 blackweave-witch06 blackweave-witch07 blackweave-witch08

~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, April 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Blackweave Witch Armor by Caverna Obscura”

  1. […] boot top is similar to the boots from the Blackweave Witch Armor set, only Zero Gravity Boots are decorated also with small sculpted skulls. As usual, made mostly of […]

  2. Hey that’s really cool 🙂 Nice job.

    James Ryman

  3. LOVE IT!!! I WANT IT!!!! 😀

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