Undead Female Warrior Armor Set Update

I have decided to update the Undead version of Female Warrior Armor by Caverna Obscura. I wasn’t so satisfied with the rusted metal textures on the sculpted armor plates so i tried to rebake those textures and achieve a better result. I think it turned out much better than the old version, though it is difficult to fake rusted metal in SL because you cannot make the same object partly shiny and partly dull… Anyway here’s the result:

Undead Female Warrior Armor Set by Caverna Obscura

Undead Female Warrior Armor Set by Caverna Obscura

The complete set is made almost entirely from sculpted prims. Each sculpted prim has its own unique texture. There are 2 versions of some of the prim items: the normal version (with all kinds of decorations) and the low prim version, better suited for combat. The armor is NOT scripted but copy/mod.
The set includes:
Chainmail shirt
Chainmail shirt slashed
Chainmail gloves
Chainmail gloves slashed
Leather corset top
Leather gauntlets (Gloves layer)
Leather pants
Leather underpants
Leather boots base
Modifiable Undead Female Warrior shape

Prim parts:
Shoulder armor high & low prim
Chest armor high & low prim
Battle Skirt high & low prim
Gauntlets high & low prim
Cape with hood hide/show
Combat boots/leg armor high & low prim

It is recommended to try Demo first because of the sculpted prims it may be tricky or even impossible to fit some of the items. That’s why i’ve also included a modifyable shape to wear with the armor to be sure it fits. You can give it your own usual face and maybe even breast size, if you’re lucky! 😛 The DEMO prim parts are no mod but they are scripted to resize. So you can try to resize it and make it fit by just clicking a part and choosing the percentage you want it to be scaled with.

Please click on the thumbnails below for a detailed picture.

undead-warrior-armor-new-01 undead-warrior-armor-new-021 undead-warrior-armor-new-03 undead-warrior-armor-new-04 undead-warrior-armor-new-05

NB. If you own an older copy and would like to receive this new update free of charge, please cuntact Elvina Ewing.

~ by cavernaobscura on Thursday, February 26, 2009.

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