Winter Coat in Blue by Caverna Obscura

The Xmas Red Coat from last week comes now in blue, too! 🙂

Winter Coat in Blue by Caverna Obscura

Winter Coat in Blue by Caverna Obscura

This is the same cute winter coat with the elven hood, only this time it’s not only blue but has an additional shorter version of the skirt, too, for wearing over a long flexi skirt (attached to pelvis), for a medieval look.

It’s made almost completely of sculpted prims (except of fur balls), hence the skirt and the sleeves are not flexi.

The set includes: jacket, underpants, stockings, sculpted hood-down + fur ball buttons, sculpted hood-up, sculpted collar + fur ball buttons (to wear with hood-up), sculpted skirt, sculpted sleeves.

Please click on the thumbnails for a detailed picture.

winter-coat-blue01 winter-coat-blue02 winter-coat-blue03 winter-coat-blue04


~ by cavernaobscura on Sunday, December 28, 2008.

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  1. […] have been asking me to make more colors for Winter Coat that has so far only existed in RED and BLUE… I always find it boring to make several colors of the same outfit so i was too lazy to […]

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