Druid Ranger Elite Armor in Green by Caverna Obscura

I’ve decided to release the original Druid Ranger Elite Armor from Guild Wars series also in green. It is exactly the same, except all textures that are light brown in the original version, are light green in this one 😛 These are all new textures, not the colored light-browns ones.

Elite Druid Ranger Armor in green by Caverna Obscura

Elite Druid Ranger Armor in green by Caverna Obscura

The outfit includes: full-top (shirt layer), glitch top (shirt layer, to wear with the prim top), underpants, gloves, system skirt, full-prim sculpted top, R & L shoulder pads, sculpted prim bracers, sculpted prim non-flexi skirt, R & L leg attachments. Because of the sculpted prims it may be tricky or even impossible to fit some of the items. That’s why i’ve also included a modifyable shape to wear with the armor to be sure it fits.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

druidrangerelitegreen01 druidrangerelitegreen02 druidrangerelitegreen03 druidrangerelitegreen04 druidrangerelitegreen05

Disclaimer: I, Elvina Ewing, in no way take ownership over any part of Guild Wars. Guild Wars and all characters and media are copyright and owned by NCsoft Corporation unless stated otherwise.

~ by cavernaobscura on Friday, December 12, 2008.

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