Wood Witch Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Wood Witch Outfit by Caverna Obscura was inspired by some fantasy artworks, Todd Lockwood’s Druidess being among them. It has that sexy dark woods feel to it, without being overly sinister or evil.

Wood Witch Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Wood Witch Outfit by Caverna Obscura

This is one of those few outfits where i used system skirt πŸ˜€ In fact, this is my first outfit ever which includes both system and flexi skirt! Usually it was not my style. But it definitely has some nice possibilities, so i’ll probably explore this type of skirt model more often in the future…

This outfit includes: shirt, skirt, glitchpants (underpants layer), gloves, (mostly) sculpted prim attachments: upper R bracelet, lower L bracelet, chocker, belt, flexi cape with sculpted antlers and pieces of bone, flexi skirt, sculpted staff (wood and bone).

It is highly detailed and it’s really impossible to fit all of the fine details in one picture! So please, take a look at the thumbnails below! πŸ˜‰

wood-witch-01 wood-witch-02 wood-witch-03 wood-witch-04 wood-witch-05 wood-witch-07 wood-witch-08

~ by cavernaobscura on Saturday, November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wood Witch Outfit by Caverna Obscura”

  1. Awesome. Found this looking for a wallpaper. πŸ™‚

  2. […] So i figured another update is due! This time it’s one of my personal favs, outfit called Wood Witch! It was originally made back in 2008, but the design concept remains my favourite as it was […]

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