Demonia Skin by Caverna Obscura

Finally a new skin from Caverna Obscura! ^^

Not really a fan of making skins as creating of a really good quality skin is very time consuming! Usually I like to use many good reference photos which are hard to find (or again, it’s time consuming…) Thats why i havent made many skins yet. Now that is almost the only case when i would even go ahead and use some “pre-made skin kit” which are so widely avalable these days… I hate using pre-made kits as i usually create everything myself… But with skins, it’s the only  exeption i guess 😛

Like this one… I used the (probably) well-known “Another Shop skin” (open source skin by Eloh Eliot) as the base for this new Demonia Skin.

Demonia Skin by Caverna Obscura

Demonia Skin by Caverna Obscura

It’s still quite custom and handpainted though. I’ve added more shading and the skin on hands and feet has some “alien skin” texture to it 🙂

The package contains a regular version and a freckles version. Wonder if demonesses do have freckles though… 😀

~ by cavernaobscura on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

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