Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura

As promised, today’s new release is a (almost) complete Demonia Avatar. My very first one! ^^

Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura

Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura

This is a full-prim (almost) complete avatar, with the exception of the textured boots base for the boots, and no hair, sorry! 😛 The rest is all included: shape, skin, ears, horns, tail, wings, body spikes, bra, thong and boots. Made of sculpted prims, with just a few normal ones thrown in here and there.

The boots are scripted to resize so that you could modify them and wear them with any other outfit too, with your own shape. They are also sold separately (see Footwear section), as is the Demonia Skin (see Skins section).

All prim items are copy/mod so you can actually go ahead and resize them and try to fit any shape. Not sure if it’s that simple though 😛 That’s why just wear the Demonia shape that comes with the package, which is by the way modifiable too.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details.

~ by cavernaobscura on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura”

  1. hey I love this, and hadn’t seen you aren’t in awhile. Maybe you know who this is? Anyway, great work on this. I’ll come check it out soon. I actually wanted to talk about a DE skin, but you probably are too busy. Anyway love this stuff!

  2. hey Me, no idea who you are! a hint maybe? RL or SL? 😛 you didnt leave a reply address…
    Drop by if you have time, or just send me an IM. Talk about a DE skin? like in DEmonia skin? 😛 go ahead and ask hehe
    greetz, Elvina

  3. yeah we talked before and met once in sl. I’ll try to get in tonight. I was out of the country for awhile.

  4. […] you might have heard from the group notices, i was working on the updates for Demonia Avatar by Caverna Obscura this week… The older version is retired now and has been replaced with this new update. The […]

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